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My blog, my life: From 2019 until death.

Matanzas Inlet, Florida – End of Winter, 2018

I first set up my personal domain in 2012. I had great plans. I’d always kept a journal of sorts, so it seemed like a natural progression to write a blog. But a blog requires time. It also requires editing, especially for someone like me who writes like a stream of consciousness. But I am not a good editor. I seem to lack that careful eye that’s able to go through text and pick the corn kernels from the cow dug. None-the-less, I’m going to try again. It’s time to invest in turning those interesting bar room tales into equally interesting written posts. Fingers crossed.

I don’t expect these posts to necessarily follow a linear timeline. It’s not a journal, after all. I want to deal with my current thoughts, but I also want to go through my photos and memories and jump around the stories of the past. I think that’s to be expected. I am almost 50. I am not young anymore. I wear reading glasses, often have a bad back, and can’t eat what I want without gaining weight. The good years ahead are fewer than the good years past. That’s just life. So yes, I am going to be introspective. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Knowing you’ve done some cool things helps you deal with the future.

Towards the summit of Mt. Snowdon, Wales – Early Summer, 2018

As I said, photos – and video – will be an important part of the story telling process. I’ve terabytes of pictures and video, each with their own hidden history. I don’t want that history to remain hidden and eventuality die. I want to record it, especially for my daughter. So expect most stories to begin with a snapshot or two, like the ones on this page. For example, the first is an evening last winter near the Matanzas Inlet, Florida. I was in the process of moving to St Augustine and was dealing with being newly separated. The second is the beginning of summer, and I was one my way to the summit of Mt. Snowdon, Wales. The two images area a juxtaposition of emotion; one melancholy, the other exhilaration. Both are more than just pixels.

So until the next post, whatever that is.

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