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History on microfiche: Times gone by on the Palm Coast

I often peruse old newspapers. I do it because I desperately want to time travel, but know that this is the closest I will ever get. This weekend I went to Palm Coast’s main library to find out more about a defunct local attraction, Animal Land. Instead, however, I burnt a couple of hours delving into the history of Palm Coast through the ads and articles on microfiche of The Flagler Tribune.

From what I can find out, the ‘Tribune’ was Flagler County’s only newspaper during its life from 1917-1981. And judging by the late ’40s editions, its 3 or 4 pages of farm reports and local accidents were never going to yield a Pulitzer Prize. But for a region where so little of past remains, and where so few people have lived their whole lives to share its history, it’s a rare and comforting glimpse of what once was.

A Milland Hotel Advertisement that appeared in the 1947 edition of the Flagler Tribune.And in truth it’s not the articles, but advertisements that make the Tribune most interesting. The featured image is a snapshot from 1947 promoting Flagler Beach’s allegedly finest accommodation: the long gone Milland Hotel. I spent a year in Flagler Beach. It’s charming, quirky, and a little run down; much like most of Florida. Yet the Milland Hotel advertisement reminds me of Flagler’s more illustrious holiday past, where for $2.50 a night, or $50 a month, you could “get away from heat, stress and worry.” If it strikes your fancy, just call the four digit telephone number and make your reservation now.

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