Technology Hell: My quest for the WordPress competence.

I am falling behind.  Where I once soaked up tech, I now feel like my father trying to program the record timer on our 1983 VHS: old, frustrated and a little angry.  My brain just isn’t replacing the old stuff like it used to.  Instead it is going into some form of tech depreciation.  The tech I know has lost its value – or is altogether obsolete – and just isn’t being replaced.

The best example is website development, specifically ‘WordPress.’  Yeah, sure, I’ve known of content management software for a long time.  But I can’t say I really knew what it did, at least not in practice.  You see, the last time I was actively involved in making websites – and I will preface this by saying I was a clumsy hack who had only basic html understanding – the year was 2001 and people were still complaining about hanging chads.  A lot has happened since then.  People seem to have gotten a whole lot smarter.  Websites seem to have gotten both easier to manage and harder to set up.  My head is spinning.  I feel if I can just get past the ‘dumbass’ stage in website development, I can start making content.  And after all, as Billy said in ’96, “Content is King.”

This is an ongoing quest.  Watch this space.

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