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David was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, but has spent much of the last 20-years abroad. A passionate environmental scientist and humanist, he is currently preparing for the next chapter of his life in the sleepy town of Flagler Beach, Florida.

Video submissions for ‘The Road to Home DadCon’

By now you know I want to do a documentary. And if you have been following me at all, you know I have no idea what I am doing. But of course that has never stopped me before.  Right now … Continue reading

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The Road to HomeDadCon – A Documentary

In the beginning… Last year, when my daughter was about 9-months old, I began my search for online at-home dad resources.  Up to that point, I was in denial of my at-home dad status.  The first thing to really pique … Continue reading

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20 Pictures of Austin, TX

If you’ve read my post ’19 Pictures that make me think of Portland’, you’ll be noticing a theme…  Edit: It’s now Nov 18th, 2015.  I started this post Dec 29th, 2013.  So that theme you’ll be noticing, it’s that I … Continue reading

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Urban Camping: Livin’ in your office, by Terry K.

I’m just a frustrated hobo at heart, who were it not for the restrictions of marriage would be riding the rails and swiping plates of left over Chinese at the local food hall.   So when I read what other creative hobo … Continue reading

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History on microfiche: Times gone by on the Palm Coast

I often peruse old newspapers. I do it because I desperately want to time travel, but know that this is the closest I will ever get. This weekend I went to Palm Coast’s main library to find out more about … Continue reading

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Protected: Sorrento Quay: Now and then.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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19 pictures that make me think of Portland

My wife and I visited Portland back in January, 2013 to see if it lived up to its ‘Portlandia’ hype.  Was the spirit of the ’90s really alive in Portland?  Was it a place where young people went to retire? … Continue reading

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WordPress 1.01

Some time ago I watched the WordPress Lynda tutorials by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, specifically ‘Essential Training’ and ‘Building Child Themes.’  I would hazard a guess that most users start this way.  They were great.  They were easy and informative.  Unfortunately, though, I … Continue reading

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Technology Hell: My quest for the WordPress competence.

I am falling behind.  Where I once soaked up tech, I now feel like my father trying to program the record timer on our 1983 VHS: old, frustrated and a little angry.  My brain just isn’t replacing the old stuff like it used to. 

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New Year’s Eve 2012

I have many New Year’s Resolutions. All the standard stuff: loose weight, get healthy, etc. But how to manage them? My conclusion was to write a blog. If I write about my resolutions they will come true. I mean, if … Continue reading

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