New Year’s Resolutions

Squeaking my New Year’s Resolutions in before 12:00AM EST.  I have settled on 10. By Jan 1st 2014, I will:

1)  Be 184 lbs.

2)  Read and review at least 52 books.

3)  Build a podcast studio and start at least 1 continuous podcast.

4)  Learn how to use my SLR camera and take time out for photography.

5)  Learn to Kayak.

6)  Learn a programming language, preferably Python.

7)  Spend at least 2-weeks backpacking.

8)  Go completely digital; transferring and organising all film negatives, video home movies, and 8mm film.

9)   End the year with zero surplus junk, having sold everything no longer of use.

10)  Have completely prepared for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.


Ok, time to pick a book.

About dmcfee

David was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, but has spent much of the last 20-years abroad. A passionate environmental scientist and humanist, he is currently preparing for the next chapter of his life in the sleepy town of Flagler Beach, Florida.
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